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Floral arrangement hanging from ceiling in Hidden Bar
Noelle’s best kept secret


Beneath Noelle you’ll discover a hidden bar guaranteed to broaden your perspective. With experimental cocktails and surprising pairings, it is a playground for mixologists and creatives alike. Once you’re there, be prepared for the intriguing and delightful, as every night brings something new and interesting. Expect the unexpected.



Hidden Bar in Bloom
The Garden Blooms…a bountiful and blooming secret garden where playful characters beckon nature. Join us this Spring for a special floral themed pop up in Hidden Bar and explore the flora and fauna beneath. Specialty spring cocktails will be sure to quell your spring fever.



Missed your Party? Let Hidden Bar be your exclusive hideaway to celebrate with 25 of your closest friends. Buy out Hidden Bar this Spring for bachelor and bachelorette parties, belated celebrations, or any special event. And the best part is that you will have the entire bar to yourself!

Email for more information on rental and minimums.

Hidden Bar in Bloom
  • Thursday thru Saturday
  • 6 pm to Midnight
  • First come, first poured.
  • Masks Required. Social Distancing Rules Apply.