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Nashville musicians hall of fame

Nashville’s Best Art Galleries and Museums

Explore Nashville’s Best Art Galleries and Museums

From soulful honky tonk shows to innovative food creations, Nashville is a creative city through and through. Speaking to the free-spirited, the curious, and every Nashville visitor in between, Music City offers so much more than just good tunes and lively dancing. Only steps away from Noelle, you’ll find Nashville’s best art galleries and museums, waiting to be explored with local and global art offerings.


Tennessee State Museum

A one-mile drive away from Noelle will take you to the Tennessee State Museum—showcasing the state’s detailed history, a vast array of exhibitions, and the Children’s Gallery. Covering an expanse of 137,000 square feet, the museum’s collections are a host to art, textiles, photographs, and furniture produced by the people of Tennessee, both past and present.


Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum

Placed in the heart of Music City itself, the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is a vibrant attraction, loved by locals and tourists alike. Only a five-minute walk away from Noelle, this acclaimed museum is filled with mesmerizing details, honoring musicians who worked on some of the most legendary tracks in history. Whether you view the instruments of artists like Elton John and Jimi Hendrix, or choose to experience the Grammy Museum Gallery, every detail has an added touch of liveliness.


Frist Art Museum

Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of innovative art and inspirational spaces at the Frist Art Museum. This unique locale is a non-collecting museum, displaying a range of 12-15 exhibitions at a time. Alongside world-class pieces of art and local artist features, the museum is a host to award-winning shows, and a gift shop with handcrafted keepsakes to take home.


National Museum of African American Music

Learning about history is one part of this museum experience, but fully immersing yourself through the interactive stations and galleries is what truly makes the National Museum of African American Music special. Moving to the rhythm of the music, visitors are invited to discover curated collections that celebrate Black music in America and its significant history.


Johnny Cash Museum

Named the “#1 Music Museum in the U.S.” by USA Today, the Johnny Cash Museum celebrates the life of legendary musician, Johnny Cash. As you step into this whirlwind of nostalgia and music history, you can also explore the large collection of artifacts and memorabilia that tell of Cash’s life and the mark he left on the music world. As a plus, it’s only a seven-minute walk away from Noelle.


The Cheekwood Collections

One of Nashville’s most treasured art galleries is set amidst Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. Situated in this scenic botanical garden is the culturally rich art collection of the Cheek family, known as the Cheekwood Collections. Featuring the works of Andy Warhol, William Edmonson, Childe Hassam, and more, this gallery is an imaginative space the whole family can enjoy.


Stay Inspired at Noelle

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