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The Line

The Line is Noelle’s in-house newspaper. Edited and produced by Libby Callaway and Benji Peck, two of the hotel’s inaugural creative partners, the tri-annual publication features contributions from Nashville’s most talented writers and photographers, who use their craft to provide readers with an exciting perspective on the city’s creative community, past and present, and to shine a light on Music City’s diverse cultural landscape, from art to style to nightlife and beyond.


The paper gives visitors and natives alike a unique look at the people who bring Nashville to life while providing a deeper understanding of the history of the physical city that feeds their creativity.


Here’s just a sample…


Issue 1: Screen Grab by Steve Haruch

Five iconic Nashville locations, as seen in the movies

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Issue 2: Springwater vs. The Station Inn by Lance Conzett

How the two popular nightlife spots stack up

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Issue 3: The Highway Queen Comes Home by Abby White

Nikke Lane makes dreamy style a reality with her vintage shop High Class Hillbilly 

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Issue 4: Real Wild Child by Allison Moorer

Musician Aaron Lee Tasjan want to engage your eyes and ears

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