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Wednesday, December 06 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Stompin’ Grounds Writers’ Round

Welcome to the heart and soul of Music City, where melodies weave tales and emotions unite in perfect harmony. Nestled within the vibrant streets of Nashville, Stompin’ Grounds, an all-inclusive, multi-genre writers’ round, has become an enchanting haven for music enthusiasts and creatives alike. Join us at Noelle on the first Wednesday of the month as we celebrate the sounds of our city.

October 4th Stompin’ Grounds Lineup:

7:00 pm
Jaryn Jones
Adalei Miller
Blake Mauldin
Abby Foley

8:30 pm
Sarah Giles
Faith Lindsay
Mattie Pierce

November 1st Stompin’ Grounds Lineup:

7:00 pm
Brandon Scott
Jo Corso
Lyn Hesper

8:30 pm
Summer Joy (American Idol)
Zia Blue

About the Stompin’ Grounds Program:
In a city renowned for its rich musical history, this weekly program stands out as a shining beacon of diversity and inclusivity. Every week, songwriters and musicians from all walks of life gather under the warm glow of stage lights to share their stories and sounds. The program goes beyond traditional genres, welcoming artists who craft folk ballads, alternative pop, R&B, foot-tapping country hits, heartrending rock anthems, and everything in between. This dynamic showcase embodies the essence of unity through the power of music.

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